Most home sellers start listing their homes in the spring. They think the thawing weather will bring out the home buyers and help them sell their home. Yet there are benefits to listing your Red Deer home this winter.  

Motivated Buyers  

Do you know who slogs through the snow to look at a home in the Red Deer winter? Someone who is a serious buyer and someone motivated to buy as soon as possible. You’re not going to get casual prospects just comparing your home to their dream home or getting an idea of what the rest of the neighborhood looks like. You’ll get people who were transferred for work, outgrew the home they’re in or can’t afford the place they’re staying in. Or you’ll get people who are following up on their New Year’s Resolution to move out of that apartment and into a house.  

Less Competition  

Unmotivated sellers will remove their home from the market when the weather gets cold. They don’t want to deal with cleaning up the property in cold weather and dealing with home buyers around the holidays. Your odds of selling your home actually go up at this time of year. And those who have their heart set on your neighborhood won’t sit on the sidelines because they saw ten other properties that weekend. They’ll compare your home to the fixer-upper down the street and the condos still on the market.  

The Time Pressures Buyers Face  

Homebuyers will be under pressure to close on the property before the holidays while off work giving them time to move. Others have to move before their relocation benefits run out. They certainly won’t want to remain in a cramped rental, while some have to move out before their lease ends. You’ll have people motivated by time constraints other than settling into a house before school starts.   Call your Red Deer mortgage brokers today! 

The bottom line: it’s a great time to sell your Red Deer home. 

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