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Are bills getting hard to keep up with? Are payments taking away a big chunk of your income? A Red Deer mortgage refinance maybe your solution. If you want to save money we can help. We can help you with your mortgage refinance on your Red Deer Mortgage to help you save on your mortgage payments. Struggling to cut back on little expenses is a lot of effort for very little reward. Sometimes the greatest return on the invested effort is to attack the big line items in your budget such as your Red Deer Mortgage. And for most of us, the biggest line item in our budget is our mortgage. Our team of dedicated underwriters with Whalen Mortgages Red Deer your top Mortgage brokers in Red Deer and ready to help you today! 

If you want to save money, the best way to do so is by taking advantage of today’s historic low mortgage rates. Refinance your Red Deer mortgage so that you have hundreds of dollars more per month to save for emergencies, pay down debt or save for retirement. Or you could take advantage of low mortgage interest rates to consolidate your debt into a mortgage with a low interest rate, bringing down your overall monthly debt payments. Talk to us today at Red Deer Whalen Mortgages to get started on your mortgage refinance in Red Deer and get started toward financial freedom. Consolidating your debt into a single, lower interest mortgage is far cheaper overall than what you’d pay for a second mortgage. The only caveat is that you need to get control over your finances so that you don’t end up deeper in debt. Yet cashing out your home equity could help you avoid taking on other, more costly debt. For example, you could refinance your mortgage to take part of your home equity out to pay for your child’s college education. Then you aren’t saddling your child with student loan payments. We are here to help you with all the options for Red Deer mortgage refinances. 

This is a great time to take advantage of historically low mortgage interest rates. Refinancing your Red Deer mortgage to cash out equity could give you the money you need to update your home so that it can sell for top dollar. Or you could use the money to finish all the repairs on your to-do list. Finish your basement so the family has more living space, or convert the basement to an apartment so that you have a mortgage helper. Renovate your home to make it more accessible so that you can retire in the same place. If you’ve remodeled the home and increased its value, refinancing your mortgage and simultaneously tapping into that home equity to pay down other unsecured debt with higher interest rates. Whatever you need to do, your trusted Red Deer Mortgage Brokers are here to help.

Refinancing your mortgage in Red Deer may be a good way to get out of a bad mortgage rate or term. Perhaps your mortgage lender has terrible customer service, or they simply charge you massive penalties if you prepay the mortgage. Refinancing your mortgage with a new mortgage lender allows you to secure a loan with better terms. A mortgage you pick after understanding all the lenders perks and down falls. We inform our clients so when you are ready to refinance your mortgage you pick a lender that fits our situation. You could pay down the mortgage balance in this process, too. Note that you can access this money later via a HELOC if necessary. Whalen Mortgages Red Deer can set you up with an affordable Home Equity Line of Credit loan, as well. We have many options for your next Red Deer Mortgage Refinance. 

Don’t assume that you have to take the loan terms your bank is offering you. A Red Deer mortgage refinance with another mortgage lender lets you choose a new mortgage on your terms. Do you want a shorter mortgage amortization so that you pay off your home faster? Do you need to increase your amortization so that your monthly payments are lower, assuming you can’t achieve this with a lower interest rate? Do you want to eliminate the mortgage prepayment penalty? Or do you want the security of a fixed rate mortgage after the interest rate roller coaster of the past few years? Then you don’t have to live life wondering what the Bank of Canada is doing with interest rates at their regular meetings. Lock in a low interest rate, and know what you’ll be paying each month regardless of what happens to the economy.

Whalen Mortgages Red Deer, your Red Deer mortgage brokers are here to help. Call us today to learn how we can help you. You can reach us at 587-315-3525.

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