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As a Red Deer mortgage broker, I understand the need for choices. Buying a Red Deer home seems impossible when you can’t save up a down payment given the rental rates. Making matters worse, the revised rules to cool down the housing market have made it harder to qualify for a mortgage than it already was. However, it is possible for some home buyers to qualify for a mortgage without a down payment.

Whalen Mortgages works with a variety of lenders in Red Deer and across Canada. This allows us to find the best rates and right mortgage product for our clients. We can even find lenders willing to allow you to borrow the down payment from another source. Contact us to get started on your mortgage application. We are the Red Deer mortgage experts with the top mortgage brokers in Red Deer ready to help you achieve your goals.

How can we aid our clients in finding the down payment on their next home? These flex down mortgages allow you to borrow money from your current unsecured line of credit, through a personal loan or even from your credit cards. These loans do have their own requirements. For example, you must have good credit to qualify, and an insurance premium of 4.5% will be added to the loan balance rather than the typical premium of 4% CMHC for your own saved down payment.  Rented pads aren’t eligible. If you already have a home the equity in a home you own with land can be used as your own savings for down payment not requiring the higher CMHC premium. If you’re willing to accept these terms, we can find you a mortgage lender who will offer you a low interest rate. If you have poor credit, we will work with lenders to find one who will work with you, too.

Why should you work with Whalen Mortgages Red Deer? Because it is difficult to get approved for a flex mortgage without knowledge of the local market, especially mortgage lenders that aren’t one of the big banks. Don’t wait to call us the sooner the better. Every rent payment you make is going to your landlord’s bottom line instead of building equity in your own home.

We believe the only right decision is an informed decision. We give our clients all of the information about every product on the market for which they qualify. We will coach you until you’re approved for the mortgage you need to buy your next Red Deer home – or anywhere else in Canada, for that matter.

Red Deer mortgages don’t need to be complicated, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. We make the mortgage process quick and painless. We find our clients the lowest possible mortgage rates and the mortgage terms that suit our clients wants. Our close relationships with a variety of lenders means you could be pre-approved in as little as twenty minutes and approved in one business day. And we’re the experts in borrowed down payment also known as 100% financing for Red Deer home buyers.

We look forward to talking to you and seeing you move into your new Red Deer home. Call Jodi Whalen at Whalen Mortgages Red Deer today at 587-315-3525. We will find a mortgage that works for you.

Getting approved for a flex down mortgage in Red Deer can be difficult without local knowledge of your market and lenders who are familiar with Red Deer deals. Using a Red Deer Mortgage broker will help ensure you get the approval to purchase your new home. Your next home in Red Deer is only a phone call away. 

 Call Jodi Whalen today to get started on your new home in Red Deer and your mortgage approval.


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